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How To Get Your MMID SBI?

How To Get Your MMID SBI – Today, world of digital banking, Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is an important thing to have. It allows you to do various banking activities using your mobile phone.

If you are an State Bank of India customer and want to know how to get your MMID SBI, you are in the right place. In this simple guide, we will walk you through the process step by step.

What Is MMID In SBI Bank

MMID, which stands for Mobile Money Identifier, is a special 7-digit number. This number helps you do mobile banking things, like sending money quickly (IMPS).

Before you get your MMID, make sure you have these things ready,

  1. An SBI savings or current account that is active.
  2. Your mobile number is linked to your SBI account.
  3. Access to the SBI Anywhere Personal app on your phone.

How To Get Your MMID SBI Through Net Banking

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Step 1 – Download the SBI Anywhere Personal app from your app store. Install and open the app. If you don’t have an account, make one by following the instructions.

Step 2 – Log in to your account using your username and password. Once you’re logged in, here’s how you can get your MMID.

Step 3 – On the app’s home screen, choose ‘Services.’ Next, click ‘Online Nomination’ and then Generate MMID.

Step 4 – Your MMID will show up on the screen. Write it down so you remember it. Your MMID is ready to use, but you need to set an MPIN to activate it.

Here’s what you do –

  1. In the app, go to ‘Services’ again.
  2. Pick ‘Mobile Banking Services’ and then ‘Set MPIN.’
  3. Follow the steps to set your 4-digit MPIN.

How To Get Your MMID SBI Through SMS

  1. First make sure Is the number registered in the sbi account.
  2. Then type message ‘MMID SBI’ and send 9223440000 from you’re bank registered mobile number..
  3. You will receive instant reply with mmid from state bank of India

How To Get Your MMID SBI Through Calling Customer Care

  1. Call the customer care of ani toll free number 1800 425 3800
  2. Select the mobile banking option
  3. Call connected with sbi customer care representative tell them you want to generate mmid.
  4. Then the representative ask you some basic details for verification.
  5. Once they verified your details then they will provide mmid by email.

How To Get Your MMID SBI Through Home Branch

  1. In this method you have to visit your nearest or home branch of sbi.
  2. Then go to sbi helpdesk section and tell them you want to mmid.
  3. Bank staff member request to you show your bank passbook.
  4. And the member provide you mmid digits.


Getting your MMID in SBI is simple. It makes mobile banking easy, so you can send money, recharge your phone, and pay bills on the go.

Just download the SBI Anywhere Personal app, follow these steps, and start using mobile banking today.


What is MMID, and why do I need it?

MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier. It’s a unique 7-digit number that allows you to perform mobile banking transactions like fund transfers and bill payments quickly and securely.

Can I use the MMID immediately after obtaining it?

Yes, you can use your MMID right after generating it. However, you will need to set an MPIN for added security.

Is there a fee for getting an MMID from SBI?

No, obtaining an MMID from SBI is usually free of charge.

Is my MMID the same as my bank account number?

No, your MMID is a separate 7-digit number specific to mobile banking transactions. It is not the same as your regular bank account number.

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