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How To Download SBI RTGS Form PDF

Welcome to State Bank of India’s RTGS service an easy way to send money quickly and securely in India. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to download the SBI RTGS form and use it for your transactions.

What is SBI RTGS Form?

RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement, a system for fast and secure bank transfers. It’s best for big transactions where both the sender and receiver need the money right away.

To use RTGS, you’ll need to obtain an RTGS form, which is available at SBI branches and online on their official website.

When filling out the form, provide the beneficiary’s bank details, their name, the transfer amount (in both figures and words), and your account information.

Remember to state the purpose of your transaction, sign the form, and be aware that SBI may charge a small fee for RTGS. Check with your SBI branch for transaction timings and transfer limits.

Verify all details for accuracy before submitting the form to your branch for processing the real-time transfer to the beneficiary’s account.

How To Download SBI RTGS Form PDF

How To Download SBI RTGS Form PDF

The RTGS form is important. It has all the information needed for a successful money transfer.

  1. Go to SBI’s official website
  2. Log in with your account info.
  3. Look for ‘e-services.’
  4. Find and click ‘Download RTGS Form.’

How to Fill Out the SBI RTGS Form

Once you have the form, follow these steps, to fill out RTGS Form to transfer money.

  1. Write today’s date and your branch details.
  2. Include the receiver’s account number, bank name, and branch.
  3. Write the amount in words and numbers.
  4. Explain why you’re making this transfer.
  5. Sign it and add your PAN (Permanent Account Number) for verification.

After filling it out, choose how to submit sbi rtgs form pdf.

  1. In-Person: Go to your nearest SBI branch and give the form to a bank worker.
  2. Online: Some SBI branches allow online submissions. Check with your branch.

SBI charges fees for RTGS transactions. The amount depends on how much you’re sending. Know these charges to avoid surprises.

RTGS only works during specific hours on workdays. Transactions outside these times will wait until the next workday. Check these hours to plan your transfers.

After the RTGS transfer, you’ll get a confirmation message or email. This will have a reference number. Keep this safe for future reference.


SBI RTGS service is an easy way to send money quickly and safely. By following these steps to download and fill out the RTGS form, you can enjoy fast bank transfers.


What is RTGS, and how does it work?

RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. It’s a fast and secure system for interbank money transfers. Funds are transferred instantly from the sender’s account to the receiver’s account.

Are there any charges for using SBI RTGS?

Yes, SBI levies charges for RTGS transactions, which depend on the amount being transferred. Be sure to check the current fee structure.

How will I know if my RTGS transaction is successful?

After completing the RTGS transfer, you will receive a confirmation message or email from SBI.

Is RTGS safe for large transactions?

Yes, RTGS is a secure method for large transactions, ensuring that the funds are transferred in real-time and with high accuracy.

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