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DOPBNK Full Form And Information

In today’s world, digital technology has made our banking transactions online and easy. That’s why all transaction notifications are sent by the bank to your mobile through SMS.

You might have received a message from DOPBNK too. If you are feeling a bit confused about DOPBNK, don’t worry.

In this article, we will clarify what is DOPBNK full form and What is ID DOPBNK SMS? Are these legal or Fraud message?

DOPBNK Full Form And Information

DOPBNK Full Form And Information

DOPBNK, which stands for Department of Posts Banking, is an initiative by the Indian government. It aims to offer banking services to people across the country, especially in places where traditional banks aren’t easily available.

Full FormDepartment of Posts Banking, North Kolkata
AccessibilityLocal post office branches
Account TypesSavings, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits
Banking ServicesInternet Banking, Mobile Banking
Loan FacilitiesPersonal Loans, Education Loans
ATM ServicesYes, DOPBNK ATMs available
Customer SupportExcellent customer service

Department of Posts (DOP) – This is India Post, the government’s postal system with post offices everywhere.

Banking (BNK) – This shows that DOPBNK is all about providing banking services.

It’s available in most parts of India, making banking convenient for many. You can open a savings account just like you would in a regular bank.

These bank allow you to save a fixed amount each month. DOPBNK offers fixed deposit accounts with good interest rates. This gives you a stable monthly income.

Special savings options with better interest rates and tax benefits are available for senior citizens. DOPBNK concentrates on serving rural areas, ensuring that banking services reach even remote villages.

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What is ID DOPBNK SMS? Are these legal or Fraud message?


Account No. XXXXXX0806 CREDIT with amount Rs. 9000.00 on 03-09-2023. Balance – 49569.00 INR [S796609]

When you make any transaction in your Post Office Savings Bank Account or India Post Payment Bank Account, DOPBNK sends you a legal confirmation SMS to your registered mobile number.

If you’re depositing, withdrawing, transferring funds, or paying bills, these messages confirm your transactions in your Post Office Account (POSB) and India Post Payment Bank Account.

This service is designed to help customers access information on the website, including services like NetBanking and online transaction details.

The bank sends SMS notifications in the following formats to help you recognize them.

DOPBNK Full FormMeaning
ID-DOPBNKIdea Delhi Department of Post Bank
AD-DOPBNKAirtel Delhi Department of Post Bank
VK-DOPBNKVodafone Karnataka Department of Post Bank
IM-DOPBNKIdea Maharashtra Department of Post Bank
JD-DOPBNKJio Delhi Department of Post Bank


I hope you understand DOPBNK full form and information, it’s a government effort to bring banking closer to everyone, especially in rural areas. It’s easy to access and offers various savings options, making it a valuable addition to India’s banking landscape.


What is DOPBNK?

DOPBNK stands for Department of Post Bank. It’s a banking service provided by the Department of Posts in India, offering various banking and financial services.

Who owns DOPBNK?

DOPBNK is owned by the Government of India through the Department of Posts.

What types of accounts can I open with DOPBNK?

You can open savings accounts, fixed deposits, and recurring deposit accounts with DOPBNK.

Does DOPBNK offer internet banking?

Yes, DOPBNK provides internet banking services, allowing you to manage your accounts online.

Are there DOPBNK ATMs available?

Yes, DOPBNK has its own ATMs for convenient cash withdrawals and other banking activities.

Are the SMS notifications from DOPBNK legal and secure?

Yes, the SMS notifications from DOPBNK for your banking transactions are entirely legal and secure. They provide confirmation for each transaction made in your account.

Is DOPBNK available only in North Kolkata?

While DOPBNK full form includes North Kolkata, it provides banking services across various locations in India, not limited to North Kolkata.

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